My name is Emilee Hansen and I am Mr. Sunshine’s.

Becoming an art educator is how I was originally exposed to screen printing. However, I did not truly understand my interest in the printing process until I was removed from all studio resources two years later. Go figure. I also didn’t begin to develop my own style until the same time period when I found myself with a melancholy heart. I wasn’t creating art for critiques anymore. I was creating art for my hurt heart.

With that in mind my work took a sharp turn and became relatively dreary, and it is something that I have fallen in love with. Throughout Mr. Sunshine’s journey you’ll see twisted thoughts, words, and imagery that come from dark yet playfully exploratory places — thanks to my endless curiosity and forever inner child.

Mr. Sunshine’s priority is quality service through attention to fine detail and craftsmanship. All designs are created and silkscreen printed on comfortable garments using eco-friendly inks. Like life itself, Mr. Sunshine’s is constantly evolving. Each series is limited and will come and go with new concepts and designs.

The goal is to express myself in truthful ways that encourages others to dig deeper and question themselves and this experience we call life. So cheers to this gloomy, happy, and peculiar adventure.